Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here goes nothing!

Well, hello there!  Many of yall know me.  Many of you don't.  Either way, welcome... and if you don't know me, seriously, what are you doing here?  Wait...wait... what am I doing here?  I suppose I should explain...

My name is Susan.  I'm from Chicago.  And I love pop culture.  I mean LOVE it.  It's one of the only things in my 24 years of existence that has continually made me happy, and will continue to make me happy.  And because my parents have probably know this for a while, my dad told me that I should start blogging about it.  now, while I suspect that part of this is because he wanted to prove how cool he was by using the world "blog" in a sentence, the more I thought about the idea, it sorta sounded cool.  I mean, even if it ends up just being me babbling (yes, yes, I know that this post will be used as exhibit A, right?) about the movies, TV, music, and "celebrity" that I've been ruminating about, it'll still be a fun little experience.  And force me to digest all of the random pop cultural items floating around in my head.

I sat down to start this about 15 minutes ago, when i realized that coming up with titles is certainly not my thing.  Or awesome witty titles, at least.  As I write this, I also realize that correct punctuation is probably not my thing either.  Anywho, what I kept coming back to was "As Yet Untitled."  When a production is underway and hasn't been named yet, that's what they "in the biz" (so I'm told) call it... like "the as yet untitled insert director of choice film."  I thought it was fitting - because not only do I not really know the direction of this blog, but I'm at a point in my life when I'm not really sure about the direction of that either.  Take that for some pondering!

So, here you go, Dad.  It should be an interesting one! :)